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Vieux 17/02/2010, 09h57
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Par défaut Renouvellement automatique abonnement SKY

Si vous etes abonnés a SKY Digital, voici le message que vous recevrez pour le renouvellement de votre abonnement.
C'est un peu cher,mais n'oublions pas la qualité, la diversité du bouquet Sky et le service impeccable d'Insat. Tout cela a un prix.

Viewing card number: *********
Sky Package: Sky World
Additional Channels: ESPN
Dear Mr ******** ********
Your Sky subscription is due for renewal on 14 Apr 2010. Your account with us is a rolling contract (as is your Sky contract) so we will assume that you wish to automatically renew your Sky subscription, unless you specifically state otherwise. We will duly charge you a renewal fee of £150 on Visa ending **** on or around 14 Apr 2010 and your monthly subscription payments to Sky will continue. (Please scroll down to see Sky package prices). We will also charge a refundable deposit based on one month's viewing if we have not done so already.
For more information on your Sky subscription please refer to our Terms & Conditions:
If you would like to renew your Sky subscription but also want to update any of your personal details such as credit card information, contact information etc, please feel free to fill out our online renewal form:
Please note that credit/debit cards are our preferred method of payment. If however you are unable to provide us with these details, you can make a Paypal payment by logging onto or alternatively send us a bank transfer (please ask for our bank details).
If you choose to renew your Sky subscription you will simply carry on using your existing Sky viewing card, we do NOT need to provide you with a new Sky viewing card each time you choose to renew.
Sky World - £48 per month / £582 per year
Sky Movies Mix - £39 per month / £468 per year
Sky Sports Mix - £41 per month / £492 per year
Sky Entertainment Mix - £23 per month / £276 per year
Sky 2 Mix - £19 per month / £228 per year
Sky Value Pack (1 Mix) - £18 per month / £216 per year
Sky 4 Mix with Sky Sports 1 - £30 per month / £354 per year
Sky Entertainment Mix with Sky Movies 2 - £31 per month / £372 per year
1. If you wish to cancel your Sky account you MUST send back the Sky viewing card to the below address and we must duly receive it. As such, please ensure the viewing card is sent by registered means.
If you are paying Sky on a monthly basis by way of credit card or Direct Debit, cancelling your payment instruction to Sky without notifying us does NOT constitute a cancellation. It just means you will accrue a debt owing to Sky, and in time we will pass on the debt to an International Debt Collection Agency – this will effect your credit rating in your country of residence as well as your country of origin.
Only once we receive the viewing card will we remove your payment details from the Sky account.
Viewing cards must be returned to the below address:
Insat International
1A Gateway Mews, Ringway
Bounds Green
N11 2UT
United Kingdom
Given the above information, cancellations requested on specific dates will NOT be honoured ie. If you advise that you want to cancel and stop paying Sky on dd/mm/yy. The ONLY way your payment details can be removed from the Sky billing account is once we receive the viewing card back from you.
If you pay in advance for your Sky subscription for 12 months of viewing you must still abide to the terms of cancellation (although naturally you are exempt from monthly payments to Sky).
Furthermore, due to the fact that Sky always charge 1 month in advance, you must accept that depending on when your billing date falls, you may end up paying for a month’s worth of viewing that you will not receive having sent back the Sky viewing card. This is rare scenario and we will make every effort to ensure this is not the case, but sometimes it is regrettably unavoidable.
If you are unable to return the viewing card for whatever reason, then you may incur an undisclosed penalty fee up to a maximum of £150.00) depending on your account history with Insat and Sky. This will also apply to customers who refuse to send back the viewing card. This amount is fully refundable in the event that the viewing card is returned and duly received by us.
2. Failure to send the viewing card back to the above address in the event that you exceed your quoted renewal date may also result in Insat International automatically charging you £150.00 renewal fee. This amount will only be refundable (less £10.00 administration fee) once we receive the viewing card back from you.
We thank you for your custom and look forward to hearing from you soon.
Kind regards,
Insat International
fax: +44 (0)208 882 8155
Freebox dégroupé total.
Téléviseur LCD 81cm HD-TV TNT HD Toshiba 32RV625D
Sky Digital, pendant14 ans ,mais c'est fini depuis 2012. Hélas
Ex TPS, Ex Premiere(bouquet allemand)
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